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Ace Polishing Services, Manchester, are dedicated to providing a quality, competitive and personalised metal polishing and bead blasting service to all, irrespective of the size or location of the project.

Our number one aim at Ace Polishing Services (Manchester) is customer satisfaction. We will work closely with you to ensure each and every job is completed to the highest standard, exceeding any previous experience you have working within the metal polishing or bead blasting industry.

Our customer service promise to you here at Ace Polishing Services (Manchester) is that we will be committed to providing and developing a high quality service that meets your needs. We want our customers to recognise they are valued after each contact and to find it easy to communicate with us. Ace Polishing Services (Manchester) assure you that you will always find us approachable, knowledgeable, fair and consistent.

Boasting over 30 years polishing experience we have developed expertise in all types of metal polishing. Ace Polishing Services (Manchester) has rapidly evolved into a versatile and cost effective metal polishing service provider for not only the Manchester area, but Nationwide, in both a commercial and personal capacity.

Ace Polishing Services, based in Manchester, now also offers our full range of metal polishing services internationally.

Ace Polishing Services (Manchester) supplies a reliable, unique polishing service that is tailored to requirements to offer increased efficiency. Ace Polishing Services prides itself on achieving and maintaining the very highest standards in all areas of metal polishing and bead blasting making us an ideal solution for all your metal polishing or bead blasting requirements.

Members of our highly skilled metal polishing team are available to you, not only at our Manchester premises, but on site at any location.

Ace Polishing Services (Manchester) is pleased to announce that we have now added Bead Blasting to our already impressive resume.

Ace Polishing Services would like to thank you for visiting our home and are excited by the prospect of becoming a cost effective metal polishing or bead blasting service provider for you in the future.

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